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27. Technology and Its Positive Impact on Kids技术及其对孩子们的正面影响  

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27. Technology and Its Positive Impact on Kids技术及其对孩子们的正面影响

Children have a special affinity for computers and all the technology associated with them. We have to encourage their skills which fit them out for life. (This is a speech by Tom Kalinski, President and CEO, Sega America, Inc. DeIivered before the Commonwealth C1ub California, San Francisco, California.) 本文简介:孩子们特别爱电脑,也特别喜爱与之相关的技术。我们应该鼓励他们掌握电脑技能,使他们可以适应现代生活。(下面是美国世嘉电脑公司的董事长兼首席执行官汤姆·卡林斯基在加利福尼亚旧金山市的加州联合俱乐部发表的演讲。)

1. Good afternoon, and thank you for this opportunity to talk about a subject which is both dear to my heart and extraordinarily importanler the relationship between kids and technology--and why that relationship is so vital to their education and their future. Let me begin with a story a true story which originates from a friend of mine who was hired to shoot a documentary film about computers and education. 1.下午好,非常感谢给我这个机会谈谈对我来说既亲切而又格外重要的话题棗孩子们与技术的关系,以及这种关系对孩子们的教育及其未来何以如此重要的原因。让我先来讲一个故事棗一个真实的故事。故事出自我的一个朋友之口,他曾应聘拍摄一部有关计算机与教育的记录片。

2. The film was about an experiment in a Southern California junior high schoo1, a test of a new computer system which was programmed with learning games that reinforced the fundamentals of mathematics, reading and writing. This particular school was chosen to make the computer's job as tough as possible because year after year, its students scored in the 1owest statewide percenti1es in every subject. 2.影片讲的是在南加州一所初级中学所进行的一项实验棗对编有强化数学、阅读、写作基础这些学习游戏程序的新计算机系统进行测试。年复一年,该校的学生在各门学科上得分均为全国最低百分位,因此选择了这所在使用电脑中极有可能困难重重的特殊学校。

3. The experiment took place when computers were still pretty exotic new devices to find in a public school. Naturally, the principal wanted to minimize the risk that computers would be damaged in any way. And so he made a decision to exclude the special education class from the experiment. The special education class contained the slow learners, those with physical or menta1 disabilities, or those whose behavior made it hard for them to learn. 3.这项实验展开之际,正值计算机在公立学校尚属新奇之时。不用说,校长想千方百计地减轻计算机受损的风险,因此决定特殊教育班不参加实验。特殊教育班的学生学习上反应迟钝,有的身体或大脑有残障,还有一些由于行为问题造成学习困难。

4. You see, the special education kids were always a bit out of control. It seemed you could never get them to pay much attention, and they'd often fight. Their classroom was never really under control, and their academic performance- well, although these kids were technically in junior high school, few of them could read books or add numbers at much above a second grade level. 4.要知道,特殊教育班的孩子总是有点难以管教,似乎永远没法使他们注意力集中,而且他们动不动还会打起架来。他们的课堂从来没有真正得到控制过,至于他们的学习成绩棗唉,虽然名义上是初中生,实际上几乎没人在阅读和加清两方面能超过小学二年级学生的水平很多。

5. That would be the end of the story if it weren't for a very dedicated special education teacher' When she heard that her kids were going to sit on the sidelines while everyone e1se got time on the computers, she made such a fuss that the principal gave in to this irresistible force. 5.如果不是遇到一位专。已致力于特殊教育的老师,我的故事就到此为止了。当她听说别的孩子都能上机操作,而她的学生只能靠边坐时,她激动地向校长‘慷慨陈辞,理由无可辩驳,校长就只好让步。

6. And so the special education kids, whom the school system and just about everyone else had given up on, got their four hours a week at the computers. And when, in just one semester, some of these kids 1earned more than in the preceding ten years, the administration rea1ized that something very special and very unexpected had happened. There was a Hispanic girl in special education because she just never leaned to read. And she was tenably intimidated in class, so she never was able to communicate that she simply didn't get the basic phonic concepts. But the computer didn't intimidate her, and in one semester, she'd begun to read at her proper grade level. 6.这样,那些特殊孩子,在学校和几乎所有其他人都对他们不再拖有希望的情况下,获得了每周上机四小时的机会。在仅仅一学期的时间里,有些孩子却学会了比过去10年还要多的东西。这时,学校当局才认识到所发生的变化是多么异乎寻常而又出乎意料。有一个西班牙女孩由于从没学会阅读而接受特别教育。在班上,她相当胆怯,因此总不能与人交流,以至连基本的语音概念都没有。但她对计算机毫不畏惧,仅仅一个学期,她的阅读能力就达到了她这个年级应有的水平。

7. The most touching story, however, was a kid named Raymond, who had every problem in the book. But in one semester he had with the computer, with zero academic performance, Raymond caught up seven years of mathematics learning. They got him in front of the camera for a interview and asked how it was that he blossomed so magniflcent1y. "Well,' he replied, "you see, all the kids here call me retard. The computer calls me Raymond" 7.然而,最动人心弦的是一个名字叫雷蒙德的孩子的故事。他的问题无所不有。但自与计算机打交道一学期后,雷蒙德居然由零起步而完成了七年的数学学习任务。他们把他弄到摄像机前进行采访,询问他学业怎么~下这么顶蓝狐了。“嗯,”他回答说,“要知道,这里所有的孩子都称我为大笨蛋,计算机则叫我雷蒙德。”

8. The breakthrough for Raymond, and for many thousands of other kids who unlocked their academic potential with the help of technology, was a learning process based on exploration, discovery, constant feedback, and individual experience. Up until recently, the history of formal education has been a series rejection of this 1eaming model. But these days, it's very clear that technology must play an increasingly important role preparing kids for a world where mastery of thinking machines is the key survival skill. 8.在电脑技术的帮助下,这些孩子的学习潜力被挖掘出来。对雷蒙德和成千上万这样的孩子来说,这个重大突破是一个基于探索、发现、不断反馈以及个人亲身体验的学习过程。直到最近,正规教育因袭的仍然是一套拒绝接受这种学习模式的陈规陋习。但现如今,很明显,掌握了有思维的机器,才有了关键性的生存技能,在培养孩子们面对这样的一个世界方面,科学技术必然起到日益重要的作用。

9. Remember, it was just 50 years ago when Tom Watson, the founder of IBM, and usually a pretty reliable visionary, proclaimed that the world couldn't possibly need more than five computers. Today the average Sega employee has l. 2 computers on his or her desk. The pace of changing has accelerated so rapidly that, for the first time, we parents are faced with the prospect of preparing our children for jobs most of us can't conceive of, and have frightening little to pass along in the way of experience. Fortunately, the kids have already started adapting. 9.别忘了,正是在50年前,美国国际商用机器公司的创始人汤姆·沃森棗一个相当可以信赖的幻想家棗声称全世界可能充其量只需要五台电脑就足矣。今天,世嘉公司平均每个雇员桌子上就有1.2台电脑。这种发展变化,其速度之快,使我们做父母的生平头一遭面临这样的前景:我们大多数人想象不出准备让孩子将来去干什么,也没有经验帮助孩子去了解新的工作与技术。幸运的是,这些孩子早已经开始适应这种变化。

l0. Whether you are in the video game business, the education business, or the parenting business, it's vital to understand why kids have such an affinity for interactive software. 10.无论你是从事电视游戏业务,还是从事教育,或身为父母,理解孩子们为何与产生相互交流关系的软件如此亲密无间是尤为重要的。

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