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Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.ϰ  

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Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.ϰ


()1.Some parents prefer ________ the wall blue for their children ________ them a feeling of harmony.

Ato paint; to give           Bpainting; giving      Cto paint; giving           Dpainting; to give

()2.What kind of music do you like?

I like music ________ I can dance to.

Abecause   Bwhen      Cwho   Dthat

()3.Guilin is famous ________ its mountains and water.

Ain       Bon           Cat           Dfor

()4.They ________ on next Monday. 

Agets married         B.got married     Cgotten married         Dwill get married

()5.You can improve your English ________reading more.

Ain         Bwith         Cby          Dof

()6.My parents gave ________ a nice toy bear for my birthday.

AI          Bmine        Cmy         Dme

()7.The children will climb the hill if it ________ tomorrow.

Awon't rain  Bdidn't rain    Cisn't raining   Ddoesn't rain

()8.Being blind is something ________ most people can't imagine.

Awho    Bwhat       Cthat         Dwhom

()9.Excuse me, Could you tell ________

Yes.Go along this street and you will find it on your left.

Awhere is the museum  Bwhich is the way to the museumChow far is the museum  Dhow I can get to the museum

()10.I still remember the college and the teachers________ I visited in London years ago.

Awhat     Bwho    Cthat    Dwhich

()11.After the rebuilding, our school is becoming ________.

Amore and more beautiful    Bmore beautiful and beautiful Cbeautiful and beautiful      Dthe more beautiful

()12.I'm sorry I can't help you.


AMy pleasure             BAll right       CThank you all the same      DI'm sorry to hear that

()13.My uncle has been teaching in this school ________ he was twenty years old.

Asince          Bfor      Cuntil        Dafter

()14.It only________ him 20 minutes ________to his office every day.

Atakes; to drive   Btook; drive   Ctakes; drive  Dtook; to drive

()15.Neither he nor I________ from Canada.We are from Australia.

Ais             Bare      Cam         Dbe

()16.I went to see you yesterday evening.But you weren't in.Where were you then?

I________ a walk by the lake with my husband.

Awas having  Bam having    Chave had       Dhave

()17.Bob, can you tell us ________ by saying that?

Awhat do you mean   Bwhat you meant       Cyou mean what       Dwhat did you mean

()18.Jessica's parents always encourage her ________ out her opinions.

Aspeak     Bspeaking  Cto speak       Dwill speak

()19.What kind of house would you like?

I'd like ________ with a garden in front of ________.

Ait; one    Bone; one   Cone; it        Dit; it

()20.I'm too nervous to give a talk before so many people.

________ Maria.You can do it.

ATake care  BOf course   CTake it easy   DHelp yourself



Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.ϰ - Ӣ - ѧӢ ı


I really enjoyed this movie.It's a fun movie for the whole family.I had really good laughs and enjoyed being there.                    James

I would recommend (Ƽ) this movie to everyone.Whether you go with your family and friends, I honestly think this movie has something you      will really enjoy.                                                                                                                      Sam

I've seen several movies of this kind, but this one is the best.It is so well madesome of the scenes are so beautiful.                   John

I went to see this movie with my 8­year­old daughter this Tuesday, really without knowing too much about it.My daughter and I were pleasantly surprised at how funny it was.We just couldn't help laughing.I would recommend this movie to the whole family.                          Mary

()21.From the poster, we can tell that ________ is spoken in the movie.

AChinese         BEnglish        CJapanese         DFrench

()22.The poster shows that the movie lasts ________.

A25 minutes      B60 minutes     C85 minutes       D125 minutes

()23.John likes the movie because of ________.

Athe funny actors          Bthe wonderful music      Cthe sweet voices          Dthe beautiful scenes

()24.Mary and her daughter spent ________ watching the movie.

A$30             B$40              C$45              D$60

()25.According to the passage, the movie most probably tells a ________ story.

Afunny           Bsad            Cterrible         Dtrue


Lao She wrote Teahouse in 1957.The play shows audience life in China between 1898 and 1945.It takes place in a teahouse in old Beijing and it tells us the story of Wang Lifa and customers.It asks us to see the teahouse as the centre of the neighborhood.Finally, it says good bye to old Beijing and its people.

The story starts in 1898 during the Qing Dynasty.It continues in 1916, and finally, it brings the audience to the end of the Anti­Japanese War, in 1945.After the war, Wang loses the teahouse and dies.

Lao She was born in Beijing in 1899.His parents sent him to the Teacher's School in Beijing and he learned to teach.From 1924 to 1929 he taught Chinese to the English in London.He wrote many plays, novels and short stories.He was named a People's Artist and a Great Master of LanguageHe was one of the greatest Chinese writers of the 20th century.

In Lao She's Teahouse today, waiters bring tea to the customers and sell them delicious Chinese food.If you like Beijing Opera, folk music, acrobatics or magic shows, you can enjoy them in the teahouse.Lao She's Teahouse gives a wonderful welcome to everyone from China and from all over the world.

()26.What' the main idea of Paragraph 4?

ALao She.  BLao She's Teahouse.CThe story of the Teahouse.DThe play Teahouse.

()27.How many years of life in China is shown in the play Teahouse?

A57 years.   B45 years.   C98 years.      D47 years.

()28.When does Wang Lifa lose the Teahouse?

AIn  1898.  BIn  1916.  CBefore 1945.   DAfter 1945.

()29.Lao She was all of the following except ________.

Aa boss of Teahouse   Ba People's artist  Ca Great Master of Language   Done of the greatest Chinese writers of the 20th century.

()30.Who are welcome to Lao She's Teahouse today?

AOnly Chinese customers.  BOnly foreign customers.  CEvery customer from home and abroad.  DOnly Beijing Opera audience.



()31.Every day, in homes all over the world, people leave lights on when no one is in the room.

()32.Air conditioners are usually set at too low temperatures in summer.

()33.A lot of water is wasted by using too much.

()34.We'll have less and less gas to use because more and more people buy cars.

()35.People, especially children watch TV for too many hours.

A. Try our best to make friends with the countries in the Middle East and ask them to give us more gas in the future.

BWe should walk to work, ride a bike to school, and take a bus home more often instead of driving cars.

CEncourage people to do more outdoor activities in their free time. Get children to learn more from reading books.

DPlant more trees and grass around our houses. Ask people not to cut down the trees. Use your handkerchief instead of using paper napkins.

EIn rooms where you have an air conditioner, you can save electricity by cleaning the filter (˲)A filter uses 30% more energy when it is dirty. Also, set the air conditioner at 26.

FAlways keep the saying in mind Turn off lights before leaving.

GTake a shower instead of a bath, for a bath uses twice as much as water. Don't flush (ϴ) the toilet unnecessarily.


                   Tell; hard; deal with; because; by; peaceful; good; also; do; job 

KANG KANG is a ninth­grader at No.1 Middle School, Xining. He got back home on March 1 after four days out in the open.He ran away from home ___________ he felt stressed out about the coming senior high school entrance examination (п)The boy is not the only one stressed out over exams. Reporters ____________ a survey at a middle school. It showed that 72 percent of students feel stressed and 67 percent of these students said their stress comes from school grades.

People often feel stressed when they have a big ____________such as performing in a play, taking a test, or playing in a sports match. Some stress is____________. It makes you active. If you have an important test, stress can push you to study ______________.But too much stress is unhealthy. It can ____________ make you feel worried and tired.

What is the best way to _________________ stress? During the days when you are preparing for the exams, you can take a walk and chat with your classmates. You can also ___________ each other your worries. It makes you stay___________. Doctors suggested that, besides sharing thoughts with friends, students could also relax ____________ listening to music, reading a book or just spending some time alone.



                                                         A disappointing performance

       Tom was sick with disappointment. The piano performance was almost a success, however, he f_________(in his solo(). He couldnt understand how it could have happened.

       He had practiced for weeks that seemed like m___________. He had given up sports until after the performance because he wanted to make his parents p__________ of him. He spent all his time with the piano.

       His teacher had said he was q__________ to learn. It was true that he accepted music as another l__________, another way to talk to people.

       His grandparents, aunt, and uncle all came to hear him play, and he was anxious to s________ them that he was the best in the whole class.

       But, when he stood up to go to the piano, his knees felt w___________. He looked into the audience and saw his f__________ smiling back at him.

       At this time, he felt n__________. His fingers began to tremble (), shaking as though he had caught a bad cold.

       He sat down at the piano. He took a deep breath. He played the first part of his music, then realized with fear that he had forgotten the rest. He s_________ over, thinking that would help. It didnt. his bright musical life seemed to end.



The word cartoon came from Italian.It first referred to the picture before an actual(ʵ)drawing 51.________ the wall.In the middle 19th century, it came into English.Since the 1840s, it has also come to mean any drawing 52.________ is humorous, satirical (̵) or showing an opinion.It usually appears in a newspaper and magazine, with or without a short test.

Today cartoons are a part of the daily lives of most people.People of all ages, especially young children enjoy all kinds of 53.________ in newspapers and magazines, or television and at the movies.Cartoons not only show their life, 54.________ help form it.55.________ have set the style for clothing, food, manner and many 56.________ things.They have supplied ideas to plays, movies and television series and 57.________ on.Names or words form cartoon series have also 58.________ into modern languages.

Many cartoonists () draw with special pens.All cartoonists use pencils to 59.________ cartoons nowadays.Surely, computers are especially effective for the making of animated cartoons.This helps us to enjoy 60.________ lively cartoons.



How important is music? When they are asked this question, students and parents usually answer that music is nice, but not very important.It is often considered only as entertainment, but not the first choice for education.This opinion is shortsighted (ӵ)In fact, music education is necessary and important for all students.

Music tells us who we are.Music reflects (ӳ) the creators' thinking and values, as well as the social environment it came from.For example, just as Mozart music represents a lifestyle, rock music (ҡ) represents a lifestyle, too.The jazz(ʿ) influence that George Gershwin and other musicians introduced into their music is obviously American, because it came from American musical traditions.

Music provides a kind of ability to know the world in a different way.Science explains how the sun rises and sets.Music explores the emotive (е) meanings.We need every possible way to discover and respond (Ӧ) to our world because no one way can get it all.

Music is a form of thought, as powerful as science.It is a way we human beings talk to each other.Through the language we express our feelings, our discoveries, our ideas, our imagination and our hopes so that they can be shared with others.When we do not let our children receive good music education, we take away from them the meanings that music expresses.Science does not tell us what it means to be human.Music does.

So music education is much more necessary than people generally realize.

Information Card

Passage outline

Detailed information


Shortsighted opinion; Music is only a way of 61.________ not the top choice for education.

Truth: Music education is important for all students.



A way to tell who we are

Music not only reflects the social environment it came from but also expresses people's thinking and 62.________.

A way to know the world

We can't discover and respond to our world in just one way.

63________ explains how nature goes.

Music explores the emotive meanings of nature.

A way to communicate with each other

We use music to 64.________ our feelings, discoveries, ideas, imagination and hopes with others.

Music, 65.________ from science, tells us what it means to be human.


Music education is necessary.



   prefersupposestickcampcut upstarttake

66. How long does it____________you to do your homework every day?

67. You shouldn't____________your chopsticks in the food.

68. They____________to make their New Year's resolutions rather than go out.

69. She____________learning English when she was three years old.

70. Did you have fun____________on your last vacation?

71. Tom, you____________to shake hands with friends in China.

72. ____________onions is very difficult.


                  Cook, eating , toarewithitskindsistheirless    

Every country has 73. favorite food. Italians like to eat pizza. Indians like to eat hot food. Japanese like to eat fish. Often they don't 74 it.

   In Englandone of the most popular. 75 of food is fish and chips .People usually buy it in a fish and chip shop. They put it in paper bagsand take it home, or 76. their workplace. Sometimes they eat in the park or on the road. The worlds favorite food is American fast food..If you go to some important cities in the worldyou can find people 77. hamburgers and chips

 Fish and chipsand Chinese take-away food 78 very popular in Englandbut they are 79 in the USApeople in the USA eat take-away foodtoolike chicken. But the most popular kind of take-away food is the hamburger. It looks like bread 80 meat in it. Hamburgers are delicious. They are also popular in England and Australia.



   Chi Li is one of the best-known Chinese writers in the west. She was born in the 1950s. At the age of19Chi entered a medical college in 1976. After she graduated, she worked as a doctor at a hospital in Wuhan. As she loved literature much moreshe went to Wuhan University to study Chinese language and literature in1983. She chose writing as her profession.

During the 1980sChi wrote many works full of love. In the 1990sher workssuch as Apart From Love and The Sun Was Bornwere about lives of young people and everyday problems.____________2003Chi has reached a higher level in her works. And many of her novels have received a great honor. Life Show is one of her representativeworks andit has been translated into many languages. The story shows the real life of a common woman in Wuhan.

   Chi says"Writers don't need to be anyonebut they should be able to understand everyone.So she often travels alone to get a feel of how the world is and tries to understand people from all social strataײ㣩

81ָ߲дɸϾ䡣Chi entered a medical college in 1976____________ ____________ ____________ ____________






                  smokecry, hugliftregretcome true, predict 

86. Its polite              for meeting for the first time in some countries.

87. He often              and it makes his parents angry.

88. Her dream to be a film star              after she played a role in a film.

89. He helped his mother              the heavy box.

90.              for no reasons is a baby's job.

91. They              very much because they didn't finish the job on time.

92. The old man is              the future for us.


                 librariesbehave, helpbuildingsbuilddomovewon'tcan   

In the futurethe world will 93.     an earth-shaking change. There will 94.        many robots in the world. They will 95.        people who are lazy to do housework. And they can control all the machines. So people needn't 96.        anything. They can move to the moon by spacecraft or build another world under the sea. If people can't control the populationthey needn't worry. They will 97.          to the moon or live under the sea. There will be many 98.        and factories under the sea. People will work and live there. How interesting it will beKids 99.        go to schoolthey will study at home on computers. Adults will work on computerstoo. There will be no 100.        or teachers. People will read books and see films on computers. Everyone will have their own computers. It will solve all problems they have.


Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.ϰ - Ӣ - ѧӢ ı



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