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Unit10 You’re supposed to shake hands. 知识点  

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Unit10 You’re supposed to shake hands. 知识点

Section A


1.       In your country, what are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time? 在你们国家,当你第一次见到某人的时候你应该做什么?

【解析】be supposed to do sth 被期望做某事,应该做......

1)当主语是人时,表示劝告、建议、责任等,=should =“to be expected to do sth,

You are supposed to___________( arrive) on time

2)当主语是物时,表示本应;本该” The train was supposed to arrive half an hour ago.

【拓展】:be supposed to should (1) be supposed suppose 一词的___________ 语态结构。 后接动词不定式,相当于___________ .后接不定式. 即:_______________ . 使用较随便,建议性强 否定式为 be not supposed to do sth.

To keep safe, drivers aren’t supposed to drink before driving. A. aren’t willing to B. shouldn’t C. aren’t sure to D. don’t have to (2)should 后接动词______ ,属于_______ 语态形式,使用起来较严肃和正式; You are not supposed to shake hands. = You shouldn’t shake hands.你不应与之握手。

2012 贵州贵阳】“Henry, you ______ tell the teacher if you want to go out of the classroom.” “Sorry, sir.” A. are supposed to B. are surprised to C. are afraid to

2013 山东菏泽】8. You are _____to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ so the other person doesn't get bored A. suggested B. supported C. taught D. Supposed

2013 黑龙江绥化】29. You are supposed to ________ smoking, ________ you will get ill. A. go on; so B. give up; or C stop; so

2014 黔西南州】27. The students ought to wear school uniforms when they’re at school. A. are supposed to B. are allowed to C. would like to D. love to

2014 云南昆明】 29. We are supposed to ___________a solution to stop people from looking d own at their mobile phones while driving cars. A. come up with B. come form C. come out D. come true


2for the first time 首先,第一次

【辨析】at first/first of all (1) at first = at the beginning 最初,开始

【强调在时间顺序或做某事过程等开始之初】 (2) first of all 首先,第一 【表明陈述事情的重要性】

( ) When you want to work for our country in the future, ____, we should have strong body and rich knowledge. A. at first B. first of all C. for the first time D. after all

【山东德州】 We can do a lot to stay healthy. ____ , we should eat a balanced(平衡的) diet. A. At a time B. In fact C. First of all D. All together


拓展:有关 time 的短语 in time 及时 on time 准时 have a good time 玩得开心 all the time 一直,总是 take one’s time 从容不迫 kill the time:消磨时间 at times 不时 from time to time 有时 at that time 在那时 at the same time 同时

Do you remember the day when we met for the ___ time?

A. first B. one C. once D. firstly

2014 贵州六盘水】 24. Children always have a good time at the Wetland Park(湿地公园) of Liu Panshui.

A. enjoy themselves B. help each other C. look beautiful D. have a big dinner


3. You’re supposed to shake hands 你应该握手。

【解析】shake→shook→shaken v 摇动,震动 shake hands 握手 shake hands with sb./ shake one's hands 与某人握手 When we meet Americans for the first time, we should _________(握手)with them.

People in China ________when they meet for the first time.

A. bow B. kiss C. shake hands D. laugh

【新疆】You’re supposed to shake ______ (hand) when you meet your friends.


4.In the United States, they’re expected to shake hands. 在美国,他们应该握手。

【解析】expect v 预料 (1) expect to do sth 预计做某事 (2) expect sb. to do sth 期待某人做某事= look forward to doing sth 期待做某事 (3)I expect so/not

     I expect the group ________(sing) pop songs. ( )

— Do you think our football team will win the match? — Yes, we have better players. so I ___them to win. A. hope B. ask C. help D. expect

2013 山东青岛】14. — You look sad. What has happened? —Everyone ______ us to win the match, but we lost.

A. expects B. expected C. hopes D. Hoped

2013 湖北黄冈】30. Speak slowly, Mr. Wang. I can’t follow you.

 A. understand B. hear C. listen D. expect (4) sb. be expected to do sth. 被期望做某事/应该要做某事 Everyone in the class is expected to take part in the discussion. 希望全班同学参加讨论。


5. greeted Paul’s mother the wrong way 以错误的方式问候了保罗的妈妈

【解析】greet =to welcome or say “hello” v “问候,打招呼” greet with sb.向某人问候 She greeted me with a friendly smile.她向我微笑致意。


 6. I met a Japanese boy called Sato, and as soon as I held out my hand, he bowed. 我遇到一个叫佐藤的日本男孩,我刚一伸出手,他就鞠了一躬。

【解析 1as soon as ………… (引导时间状语从句,从句用一般现在时,主句用一般将来时)

2013 重庆 4I’ll go to visit my aunt in England ___the summer holidays start. Awhile Bsince C. until D. as soon as

2013 黑龙江 2 Boys and girls, calm down and focus on the test paper _____ you begin to think about the answers. Be confident. You can do it! A. as if B. as soon as C. although

2014 黑龙江龙东】 Henry, please call us as soon as you________ Hawaii. OK. I’ll do that, Mom. A. arrive in B. are arriving in C. will arrive at

2014 四川绵阳】—Will you please give the Readers Times to Jane? —SureI'll give it to her____ she comes back. A. before B. until C. because D. as soon as

2014 山东菏泽】— When will you return the book to me? — I’ll give it to you ___ I finish it. A.once B.until C.as soon as D.until

2014 重庆 B 卷】37. Your uncle will come to see you as soon as he ______ here. A. arrives B. arrived C. will arrive D. is arriving


7.hold out 伸出; 坚持 hold out one’s hands hold out my hand 伸出我的手 She held out her hand to take the rope. 她伸手去抓那根绳子。

hold 相关的短语】 hold on 抓住; (打电话时用语)别挂断... hold up 举起;. hold back 阻碍; hold off 不使挨近; 挡住; 耽搁; 离开 hold down 压制; 压缩 hold on to 坚持; 不放弃 hold in 压住; 忍耐; 抑制

Li Lei wanted to tell her everything, but something made him ______. A. hold up B. hold back C. hold on D. hold out

2014 四川内江】35. — May I speak to Rachel? — ______ ,but I’m afraid you have the wrong number. A. Yes, please B. hold on C. This is Tom D. Sorry

2014 甘肃白银】56. I want to know if an English Singing Competition ____ next month. A. will hold B. will be held C. holds D. is held

2014 四川达州】33. —Excuse me, could you please tell me if the sports meeting ________ on time? —Hard to say. If it ____ tomorrow, we’ll have to put it off. A. will hold; rains B. will be held; rains C. will be held; will rain D. holds; will rain

2014 江苏徐州】The Second Youth Olympic Games A. will hold B. will be held C. was held in Nanjing on the sixteenth of August, 2014. D. is holding

8. We don’t like to rush around, so we don’t mind if people are a little late sometimes. 我们不喜欢匆匆忙忙的,所以有时如果有人迟到一会儿,我们也不介意。

【解析】run → run →run v rush out 冲出去 rush hour 交通拥挤时间 rush around 匆匆忙忙;东奔西跑 run away =flee 逃跑 run out of =use up 用完 run off 跑掉 (其后不直接跟宾语,常与 to/ from 连用) All the students ran off from their classroom to the playground when the earthquake happened. 7.If you tell a friend you’re going to their house for dinner, it’s OK if you arrive a bit late.果你告诉一个朋友你要去他们家吃晚饭,你晚到一会儿也没关系。

【解析】a bit 稍微;有点,修饰形容词、副词的比较级。 ( ) Try your best, Linda, It’s only ________ difficult for you , you can do it well A a bit of B a bit C a lot of D a lot If you arrive _______late, I don’t mind. A. little B. a bit of C. a little bit of D. a bit

【拓展】a bit / a little 辨析:

【相同点】a bit a little 作程度副词修饰形容词、副词、动词或比较级时, 意义相同,为一点儿, 有些 He walked a bit / a little slowly.他走路有点慢。

【不同点】a little 可直接修饰名词;而 a bit 后须加 of 才可以。 There is a little water in the bottle.= There is a bit of water in the bottle. 否定形式: not a little 作状语,相当于 very / quite, “很, 非常 作定语和宾语时,相当于 much, 意为许多 not a bit 作状语时,相当于 not at all, 意为一点也不,作宾语时则相当于 not much He is not a little (= very) hungry. 他饿极了。 He is not a bit (= not at all) hungry.他一点也不饿。

  a bit a little 填空。

 1. There is _________ time left.

 2. I would like you to stay for _________ if you have time.

 3. This will give us a _________ of time.

4. He went to sleep soon, for he was not _________ tired.

5. I don't want to stop to have a rest, because I am not _________ tired. 2011 湖北黄冈】With a little training, she could do very well in the competition.

A. few B. a few C. a bit D. a bit of 8.We often just drop by our friends’ homes if we have time 如果我们有时间,我们经常回顺便 拜访朋友家。

【解析】 drop by 顺便拜访 可以直接使用,也可以在 by 后面加表示地点的词。 Drop by often when you are free.有空时常来拜访。 drop by sb. = drop in on sb. 顺便走访某人 drop by one’s home = drop in (at) +地点 拜访?

【拓展】drop in“拜访,到访”, 后接人时,要借助于介词 ondrop in on sb. 后接地点时要借助于介词 at Don’t forget to drop in on your teacher. = Don’t forget to drop in at your teacher’s home. 不要忘了顺便去拜访一下你的老师。

When I return to my hometown, I usually ______________(顺便看望) my old friends. — Do you often _____your friends’ homes? — Yes, we do

A. drop by them. B. drop off C. drop at D. drop on ) People in colombia needn’t make plans to meet their friends .They often just drop by

A. give a ride to B. give up visiting C. forget to visit D. come over to 2012 山东济南】 — Could you please _B______ the music? My baby is sleeping. —Sorry. I will do it right away.

A. open up

B. turn down

C. drop by

D. dress up

【追踪训练】 ( ) I often drop ________ my uncle’s home.

A.     by B. over C. in D. in ( ) We always _______ our friends’ homes without ______ plans. A. drop by; make B. drop by; making C. visit; make D. visit; to make ( ) I would drop in on you when I passed your home. A. drop behind B. drop by to see C. take care of D. go out of【易错题】 38. Will you drop_________us tomorrow evening for a talk? A. on in B. on at C. in at D. in on

【易错题】. 55. While going on business in Shanghai, he______ on his relatives. A. dropped in B. visited C. saw D. called at 9.We often just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can! 我们经常只是在镇中心闲逛,尽可能多地见到我们的朋友!

 【解析】as... as one can 尽可能......,尽量...... = as ... as possible

10.So I make an effort to be on time when I meet my friends 所以当我与我的朋友们见面的时候,我努力准时到。

【解析】make an effort to do sth 努力做某事 11.Also, we never visit a friend’s house without calling first. 而且,我们从不未通电话便拜访朋友家

【解析】 without

2014 福州中考】23.Don’t go to school _____ breakfast .It’s a bad habit. A.after B.with C.without 2014 江苏无锡】11. I hope the train will arrive on time, but it’s ____ my control. A. within B. without C. under D. beyond 2014 甘肃白银】37. Mom always tells me that nothing can be learned _______ hard work. A. with B. by C. for D. without 12.When you go abroad, it is important to bring your passport. 当你出国时,带上你的护照很重要。 【解析 1abroad adv 在国外;到国外 My father often goes abroad. abroad 用法:表示到(在)国外,是一个副词,前面不加介词。 go abroad 出国 live abroad 住在国外 at home and abroad 在国内外 13. After class, students are expected to clean the chalk off the blackboard. 下课后,学生们应该把黑板上的粉笔擦干净。

【解析】clean ... off ......擦掉

【拓展】clean up ……打扫干净(v. + adv. clean up the table = clean the table up

【四川南充】The classroom was so dirty . I decided ____. A. clean it up B. to clean it up C. clean up it

2014 云南中考】31. — Oh, dear! Your room is untidy. — Sorry, mom. I’ll _____. A.set it up B.clean it up C.put it up D.look it up 2014 浙江温州】Alice likes doing housework.She ________her room every afternoon. A.cleans B.cleaned C.is cleaning D.has cleaned 2014 甘肃白银】45. —Dasiy , look at your bedroom , what a mess !

    Sorry , I’ll ______ right now. A. put up it B. clean up it C. put it up D. clean it up 14. Where I’ m from, we’ re pretty relaxed about time.在我们国家, 我们对时间相当宽松。 3a)

【解析】relax v. 放松 relaxing adj. 使人放松的,令人感到轻松的 relaxed adj. “宽松的, 不加以约束的”, 后面常接介词 about be relaxed about ……感到放松, ......比较随意 My parents are relaxed about my clothes.我的父母对我的服装不加约束。 relaxation n. 放松,消遣, 是不可数名词;休闲活动是可数名词。 You look very relaxed. Aren’t you busy now?你看上去非常自在,难道你现在不忙吗?

2012 抚顺】— Why do you look so _____. — Because it’s rainy and I hate rainy days. A. happy B. sad C. relaxed D. tired

2014 云南昆明】—Where would you like to go this Mid-Autumn Festival? — I’d like to go_____________. A. everywhere relaxing B. somewhere relaxing C. peaceful anywhere D. peaceful somewhere 15. We value the time we spend with our family and friends in our everyday lives. 我们珍视日常生活中和家人及朋友共度的时光。(3a)

【解析 1value v“重视;珍视 n“价值” → valuable adj. 贵重的;宝贵的 Which do you value, wealth or health? 你珍视哪一种,财富还是健康? Thank you for your ______________(value) help and practical advice. ( ) --- Mrs. Black, could you give me some advice on how to write an application letter? --- With pleasure. Remember that the letter should be written in the formal _______ A. value B. style C. effect D. mood 【解析 2 (1) every day 每天= each day 做状语,放在句末,对其提问用 how often He exercises every day. (2) everyday adj. 每天的 ,作定语,修饰名词,放在名词之前 everyday English 日常英语 Cooking breakfast is her everyday job. 做早饭是她的日常工作。

【拓展】everyday/every day 的区别:前者是形容词,而后者是副词性短语。 1) The man wore __________ clothes. 2) How do you go to school _________? 【记】Do you speak everyday English every day ? 你天天讲日常英语吗? We’re the capital of clocks and watches, after all! 毕竟,我们是钟表和手表之都。

【解析】after all 毕竟

You should not excuse him for his forgetfulness ,_____________(毕竟)

( he is over seventy. ) Don’t be angry with him. _____he is a little child. A. In all B. After all C. Of all D. All


2014 山东德州】34.Don’t ask him to study too late into night. _____ , he is only a child. A. As a result B. After all C.On earth D.For example 2014 特】3— I’m sorry, sirI’ve made a lot of mistakes in the exam.

Never mind_______, the exam is a little difficult. AIn all BFirst of all CAfter all DAbove all

2014 山东临沂】26. — I’m sorry, sir. I can’t finish the work on time. — Never mind. ________, the work is quite difficult. A. At least B. For instance C. After all D. First of all 16.If you’re even 15 minutes late, your friend may get mad. 3a) 如果你迟到 15 分钟,你的朋友或许会生气

【解析】get mad 大动肝火;气愤 Father won't get mad about your mistake. 父亲不会为你的错失生气的

【拓展】mad adj. 很生气;疯的 be mad at sb.= be angry with sb. ==对某人生气 She was mad at her husband for forgetting her birthday. 她因为她的丈夫忘了她的生日而生气。 Both brothers are mad about tennis 兄弟俩对网球都很入迷。

【潍坊中考】 Liu Qian as a little boy was so ________ his own magic world that he seldom went out to play with other children. A. good at B. mad about C. popular with D. afraid of

【内江中考】 My mother is angry with me because I didn’t finish the homework. A. surprised at B. mad at C. excited at 17. I always leave the house early to avoid heavy traffic. 我总是早早地就离开家以避免交通堵塞。(3a) 【解析 1avoid v 避免 (后接 Ving

【拓展】后接 ving 形式作宾语的动词还有:

Practice 练习 enjoy 喜欢 Keep 保持 后接 ving 形式的 动词 avoid 避免 mind 介意 suggest 建议

【解析 2traffic n. 交通; 路上行驶的车辆 heavy traffic 交通繁忙, 交通拥堵, 车水马龙 He got home late because of the heavy traffic. 他回家晚是因为交通拥挤之故。

【泰安中考】 Rush hour is the time of day when t________ is very heavy. 2013 东营】 --- Excuse me, haven’t you learned the new _______ law? Everyone in a car must wear the seat belt. ---Sorry,we won’t do that again. A. food B. traffic C. medicine D. Education 18. We usually plan to do something interesting, or go somewhere together. 我们通常计划做一些有趣的事,或者一起去某地(3a)

【解析 1plan to do 计划做某事

【解析 2 go somewhere 去某地 somewhere adv. 在某处;到某处 I'm not going home yet. I have to go somewhere else first. 我还不准备回家,我要先去别的地方。 注意: somewhere 是副词, 前面不可用介词

【拓展】somewhere 常用于肯定句中, anywhere(任何地方)常用于否定句和疑问句中。在疑 问句中, 可以用 somewhere anywhere, 如果期望对方回答”, 就用 somewhere;如果 不知道对方会回答还是不是”, somewhere anywhere 都可以。 I didn't go anywhere in the neighbourhood. 我没有到附近什么地方去过。

2013 年杭州】 There has never been such a beautiful village _____ in the world. A. anywhere B. everywhere C. somewhere D. nowhere

2013 江苏无锡】 We arrived at the station too early and had ______ to go, so we sat there and chatted with each other. A. somewhere B. anywhere C. everywhere D. Nowhere 19. it’s important to be on time. 准时很重要。 【解析】be important to sb. 对某人来说非常重要 20.In many eastern European countries, you take off your gloves before shaking hands. 在许多东欧国家,你在握手之前应该摘掉手套

【解析】 take ( take →took → taken) v 带来 从(讲话者)拿走 【短语】 take care 小心 take charge of 负责,看管 take hold of 握住 take off 脱下/(飞机等)起飞 take out 取出 take a look 看一看 take away 拿走 take exercise 做运动 take it easy 不紧张 take one’s time 从容不迫 ( ) —Oh ,I’ve left my schoolbag in the classroom. — Don’t worry. I’ll ___it for you. A. bring B. get C. carry D. take ( ) The teacher told the students ____ any food into the classroom . A. not to bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. to bring not ( ) — Don’t forget ____ your history and politics books tomorrow morning. A. bring B. to bring C. bringing

2013 湖北荆州】23.— Sam, my iPhone is in my bedroom. Could you _____ it for me? — No problem. A. bring B. fetch C. take D. carry

2013 浙江绍兴】18.—I’ve left my keys in the meeting room. Please ___them for me. —All right. A. buy B. paint C. wash D. Fetch

2013 山东临沂】30. The Olympic Games of 2016 will _____ in Brazil. A. take after B. take off C. take place D. take away

2014 临沂 4 When you are swimming, ________ your ears. You can use earplugs (耳塞) to stop water getting into your ears. A. take after B. take part in C. take off D. take care of 21. but it is worth the trouble if you want to understand another culture. 但是如果你想理解另外一种文化,这样的麻烦是值得的。

【解析】be worth doing sth 值得做某事 2014 江苏泰州】65. The TV program Super Brain(最强大脑)is so fantastic that it is well worth____ ( watch)

Section B

1.       In China, you’re not supposed to stick your chopsticks into the food. 在中国,你不应该把你的筷子插进食物里。

【解析】stick into 插入;伸入 2. They go out of their way to make me feel at home.他们竭力使我感觉像在自己家里一样。

【解析 1go out of one’s way 特地;格外努力 go out of one’s way to do sth = try one’s best to do sth 竭力做好某事 He would go out of his way to help anyone in trouble. 他常不怕麻烦去帮助有困难的人 He went out of his way _______________(make) me happy.

way 有关的短语】 all the way 一路上 in no way 决不 by the way 顺便提一下,另外 in a way 在某点,在某种程度上 by way of 经由,通过 ?? 方式 get in the way 挡道 in one's / the way 妨碍,阻碍 in this way 用这种方法 lead the way 带路,引路 lose one's way 迷路 on the / one's way (to) 在去??的路上

【解析 2make sb. feel at home 使某人感到宾至如归

【拓展】make mistake 犯错误 make a decision 做决定 make one’s bed 整理床铺 make a noise 制造噪音 make faces 做鬼脸 make friends 交朋友 The Browns tried their best to make me__________(fell) at home. 3. I’m very comfortable speaking French now.

【解析】be comfortable doing sth. 做某事很轻松, 乐意做某事 I feel comfortable talking with you. 和你讲话感觉很舒服。 4. My biggest challenge is learning how to behave at the dinner table2b) 我最大的挑战是学习如何在餐桌上表现得体

【解析】behave v. 表现;举止 → behavior n. 行为;举止;习性;态度 He behaves himself like a man. 他表现得像一男子汉。 6. I thought that was pretty strange at first, ...

【解析】 pretty (1)adv“颇;相当地常用于口语,只可以修饰其他形容词或副词 After six months, I could speak Chinese pretty well.6 个月之后, 我就能讲相当好的汉语了 (2)adj. 漂亮的;秀丽的;好看的 What a pretty little garden! 多么漂亮的小花园!

【注】pretty 语气较 beautiful ,且大多用来指年轻的女性, 一般不用来描写成年男性。 pretty 也可以用于男女儿童, 表示漂亮、活泼、可爱 7. ? you’re not supposed to eat anything with your hands except bread ? 除了面包,你不应该用双手吃任何东西。

【解析】except prep. ?之外 【辨析】: except “……之外(不包含在内)

besides “……之外(还)(指除去的部分包括在前面提到的范围之内。) ( ) All of us went to the park _____ Bob. He had to look after his sister. A. besides B. with C. Except 11·崇左中考】—Is Jack good at basketball? —Yes. ______ basketball he is also good at table tennis. A. Except B. Besides C. But D. Beside 2012 甘肃兰州】— All the workers went home yesterday ________ Mr. White. Why? — Because he was on duty. A. except B. besides C. except for D. beside

2013 山东滨州】 Everyone else in my class was invited _____________ (除了) me, and I don’t know why.

2013 江苏盐城】After the whole day’s voluntary work, I felt fine __________ (?? ) for being a little tired. 8. Another thing is that it’s impolite to say that you’re full.

【解析】 full adj. 吃饱的; 满的, 充满的

【辨析】be full of/ (be) filled with

【共同点】充满?”, 有时可以换用。 A: The basket is filled with flowers. B: The basket is ____ ____ flowers.

【不同点】be full of 充满的这一状态, (be) filled with 通常指动作。 【哈尔滨】So songs were often _______ anger A. filled with B. short of C. in need of 9. ?, but I gradually getting used to it. 但是我逐渐习惯。 【解析】get used to = be used to习惯于某事或做某事的意思 to 为介词,后接名词或动名词,不能跟动词原形。 They have got used to getting up early in the morning. 他们已习惯早起。 be / get used to 结构可以用于各种时态中, You’ll be / get used to the work soon. 你不久就会习惯这个工作的

【注意】在学习 be used to 结构时,一定要注意它与以下几个结构的区别: used to do sth.意为过去常常”,在这里 to 是动词不定式符号; be used to do sth. be used for doing sth.意为被用来做某事”, 是被动结构。 John used to smoke. 约翰过去抽烟。 This kind of wood can be used to make violins.这种木头可以用来制作小提琴。 10.You have to cut it up and eat it with a fork.你必须把它切碎,用叉子吃。

【解析】cut up 切碎;切开

【拓展】与 cut 有关的短语 cut down 砍倒 cut one’s hair 理发 cut up 切碎 cut in 插嘴 cut off 切断,停止

11 11


drop by 顺便拜访

after all 毕竟/终归

get mad 大动肝火/气愤

make an effort 作出努力

clean sth off 擦掉

take off 脱下/起飞

go out of one’s way to..特地/格外努力

make sb feel at home 使某人宾至如归

 be used to doing 习惯于

 shake hands 握手

Sb be supposed to do 被期望做/应该做

Sb be expected to do 被期待着做

be important to do ()…是重要的

meet for the first time 首次见面

make some mistakes 犯一些错误

 the welcome party 欢迎晚会

 make friends 交朋友

be expected to do 被期待着

hold hand 伸手

to one’s surprise 使惊讶的是

arrive a bit late 晚到点

 make plans to do sth 做计划做

 on time 按时/准时

 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做

avoid heavy traffic 避开交通高峰期

eat with one’s hand 用手()饭吃

stick sth into …插入

on the plate 在盘子里

 hit an empty bowl 撞击一个空碗

point at sb with sth 指点

the biggest challenge 最大的挑战

have a good time/have fun / enjoy oneself 玩得高兴/过得愉快

learn how to do sth 学会怎样做

talk to sb in French 用法语和我谈话

 because of …由于/因为 be different from 不同

pretty strange 相当奇怪

cut up sth 切开

make sb adj 使得某人

 show up 显而易见/ 到场






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