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学好英语 改变人生





Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected. 课文知识点详解Section A  

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Unit12 Life is full of the unexpected. 课文知识点详解

Section A.


1.Life is full of the unexpected. 生活充满了意外。(标题)

【解析1be full of = be filled with充满,装满


解析2  unexpected  adj. 出乎意料的;始料不及的

the unexpected  意外的事情”“出乎意料的事

       the adj.表示一类人或事物。


    the homeless  (无家可归者)      the disabled(残疾人)


2. By the time I got outside, the bus had already left. 当我出来时,公共汽车已经离开了。 (1b)

【解析】 by the time ……以前,指从过去的某一点到从句所示的时间为止,常引导表


       By the time I got up, he had already left. 当我起床时,他已经离开了。


【拓展】by now 表示到现在为止,通常与现在完成时连用。

    By now I have collected 200 dolls. 到现在为止,我已收集了二百个布娃娃。


3. When I got to school, I realized I had left my backpack at home.(1b)


解析】leave sth. +地点把某物忘在某处


   I left my book on the desk. 我把书忘在了桌 子上。

   I forgot my umbrella yesterday .我昨天忘了带伞。


?leave → left → left v 离开

(1)leave sth +地点 把某物遗忘在某地

(2)leave for +地点  离开去某地

(3) leave a message 留言    ask for leave 请假  leave school (中学) 毕业

(4)leave one by oneself=leave sb alone 把某人单独留下


【注意】英语中表示把某物遗忘在某处常用 leave + 地点


Unluckily, I left my book at home   不幸的是,我把书忘在家里了。

【延伸】动词leave 的第三人称单数形式为leaves;


(   )1.I didn’t realize I ___________(leave) the key at home until I got to my car. So I had to go back.

(   )2.I overslept this morning. By the time I got to the train station, the train ________ (leave).

(   )3.—Lin Kai, hand in your homework, please.

  —Oh, sorry. I _____  it at home this morning.

     A. was leaving       B. has left         C. will leave       D. left

(   )4.By the time I locked the door, I realized I ___my keys at home.

  A. had repaired      B had changed    C. had forgotten    D. had left

(   )5.I’m sorry, Mr. Li. I _____  my English homework at home.

   Don’t forget ________  it to school tomorrow.

    A. left, to bring        B. forgot, to take   C. lost, to bring


5.  A: What happened? 发生了什么? (1c)

   B: I overslept. And by the time I got up, my brother had already gotten in the shower


【解析】oversleep =sleep late v 睡过头

sleep → slept → slept


(    )1. –What happened ?  — I _____.

       A. oversleep    B. Overslept   C. overslept

(    )2.My alarm clock didn’t go off, so I____.

      A.oversleep     B. overslept     C. oversleeping

(    )3. I ___ this morning and missed the early bus.

        A. overslept              B. slept          C. held                   D. caught


6..By the time I got back to school, the bell had rung (2b)

【解析】get back to school 意为回到学校

【解析】(1get back to 后接表地点的名词,意为回到某地”;

(2) get back to 后面接人,可引申为回复某人的信件,电子邮件,电话等;

(3) get back 还可表示回来,返回,拿回,取回等含义。

(    )We lost the way in the forest, and we didn’t know________       .

      A.where we get back    B. when did we get back   C. how we could get back


7. My alarm clock didn’t go off! 我的闹钟没响。(2d

【解析】go off 发出响声,  (闹钟)闹响 

 The alarm went off just now. 刚才警钟响了


go over 复习       go away 离开 

go by (时间)过去    go for a walk 出去散步


(    ) I was late today because my alarm clock didn’t____

A. run off   B. go off   C. give out   D. give up

【拓展】⑴ go by “(时间)过去;消逝 

     Time goes by second by second. 时间一秒秒地消逝。 

       ⑵ go on “继续 

   Please go on working. 请继续工作。


8.So I just quickly put on some clothes and rushed out the door.2d

  【解析】 rush out  冲出去,冲出……

   Henry rushed out the room and disappeared in the rain.亨利冲出房间,消失在了雨中。


9.Carl’s day saw me on the street and gave me a lift in his car.


【解析】 give sb. a lift =give sb. a ride / give a ride to sb. “捎某人一程


10. I was about to go up when I decided to get a coffee first.(3a)


【解析】be about to 忙于;即将做某事。


(     ) Hurry up, Tom! The train is _____ to start.   

      A. about       B. with      C. for          D. At


11.I went to my favorite coffee place even though it was two blocks east from my office.


【解析1 even though 即使, 虽然, 尽管, 用于引导让步状语从句。


【拓展】even if / even though/ though 三者都可以引导让步状语从句。

Even if =even though“即使、纵然引出的从句叙述的是假设或把握很大的事情

though “虽然,引出的从句叙述的是事实。


【解析2 block  n. 街区


12.As I was waiting in line with other office workers, I heard a loud sound.


【解析】wait in line with 意为……排队等候

        stand in line 站成一排cut in line 插队

【解析2sound  n “声音;声响

【辨析】sound, voice noise

sound 含义广泛,指一切可以听到的声音,包括有意听到的和无意听到的。

voice 指说话及唱歌的声音,多用于指人的嗓音。

noise 特指噪音和吵闹声。The noise of traffic kept me awake.交通的噪音使我睡不着。

(   )—Would you mind not_____ noise? Alice is sleeping.  

    —Sorry, I didn’t know. I________ she was awake.

    A. make, think      B. making, thought      C. making, think      D. make, thought

(   )The boy didn’t sleep well last night because of the ______ from the factory.

        A. voice      B. noise          C. music          D. song


14. We stared in disbelief at the black smoke rising above the burning building.  (3a)


【解析1 stare  v. 盯着看, 凝视 

  (表示看得比较仔细,有时候也带有吃惊的意味去看,常与at, into连用。)

   Don’t stare at me like that.别那样盯着我看。


【解析2in disbelief 不相信 ,疑惑, 怀疑

Tamara stared at him in disbelief, shaking her head. 塔玛拉一边狐疑地盯着他看,一边摇着头。

She looked at him in disbelief. 她全然不信地看着他。



1)prep (表示位置)在正上方;高于。(与 below相对)

   The moon is now above the trees.月亮正位于树梢上。

2)prep  表示在地位、级别、能力、资历、重要性等方面超过

   He is above me in every way. 他各个方面都比我强。

3) adv. “在上面;  (级别、数目等)更高;   更大;更多;在上文

  See the examples given above.见上述例子。

     Ice is not often seen here in winter as the temperature normally stays ____ zero.

         A. up          B. down     C. above        D. below




1above 着重指:在……上方,不一定含有垂直在上的意思。反义词为:below.

  The sun rose above the horizon. 太阳升到了地平线上。

2over 表盖在……上面,或铺在……上面。此时不能用above.代替。含有垂直在上的意思。反义词为 under.

Spread the tablecloth over the table.把桌布铺在桌子上。

3on 含有与表面相接触的意思。

The book is on the desk.


【解析4burn   v. 着火,燃烧(burnt, burnt / burned, burned)

         burning  adj. 着火的;燃烧的

He was trapped in a burning house.   他被困在正在燃烧的房屋里。

(    ) Teachers are often compared to _____ candles.  

    A. burnt       B. is burning      C. burns       D. burning  


15. I felt lucky to be alive.我感到很幸运能活下来。(3a)

辨析:alive, living, livelively

alive       活着,活的,有生命的,还出气的可指人也可指物   表语,后置定语, 宾补

living“活着, 尚在人间, 健在的  指人或物    定语或表语

live 活着的,活生生的       指物,不指人   定语

lively“活泼的,活跃,充满生气的   可指人,也可指物 定语、表语或宾补

(    ) 1. Jin Yong is one of the greatest and oldest_____ writer. He is still        .

      A. living; alive      B. living; living   C. alive; living        D. alive; lively

(    )2. —Is his grandmother still_____ ?—Yes, she is 102 years old!

      A. live             B. living         C. alive          D. lively


16.But by the time I got to the airport, my plane to New Zealand had already taken off.(3a)


【解析1 airport  n. 机场

【解析2take off 脱掉; 起飞
 take off
在此句中意为起飞off 在此为副词表示离开;走开

take off 后不能直接加宾语,故它没有被动语态

take off  也有脱下之意, 此时 off 为介词,后可直接跟宾语。


17. The other planes were full so I had to wait till the next day. (3a)


【解析】till 意为到,直到,相当于until.  

 ⑴ 用于肯定句时, 主句的动词只用延续性的,它所表示的动作一直延续到tilluntil表示的时间为止,意为直到……为止 

She watched TV till her mother came back. 她看电视直到她母亲回来。

⑵ 用于否定句时,主句的动词一般是非延续性的,也可以是延续性的,它所表示的动作直到tilluntil所表示的时间才发生,意为直到(才)

She didn’t watch TV till her mother came back. 直到她母亲回来她才(开始)看电视。

(    ) I didn’t believe he could drive ____ he told me.  

       A. once        B. while      C. since        D. till  

(    )--Mark, you look so tired.  

     --Oh, I worked ____ it was 12 o’clock last night.      

       A. unless           B. after        C. till         D. as 

(    )We’re leaving tomorrow. We will be away _______ next Friday.

             A. from         B. until         C. on         D. since

(    )4. - The air pollution is terrible.

       - It will be worse ________ we take action to protect the environment.

             A. if                B. unless               C. until          D. when


18.My bad luck had unexpectedly turned into a good thing. (3a)


【解析】 turn into 变成


Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected. 课文知识点详解Section A - 快乐英语 - 学好英语 改变人生



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