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ʤһ꼶ϲӢUnit 1D6Ծ  

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ʤһ꼶ϲӢUnit 1D6Ծ


I. ѡ(15)

(    )  1. _____.               Im OK, thank you.

A. Whats this?     B. Hello!     C. How are you?

(    )  2. ­­­­­­ _____                   Its a backpack.

A. What color is it? B. How are you? C. Whats this in English!

(    )  3. _____is the jacket?              Its white.

A. What          B. What color   C. How

(    )  4. Spell it, please.          OK,_____            

A. Its a ruler.     B. RCUCLCECR.  C. Its yellow.

(    )  5. _____         Helen.

A. Whats your name? B. Whats this?  C. How are you?

(    )  6. nice to meet you, Eric!             ____               

A. Nice to meet you, too.  B. How do you do?    C. Good afternoon.

(    )  7. is this _____ ruler?         No, its____ eraser.

A. an, a          B. an, an         C. a, an

(    )  8. His name is Jim Smith.          Smith is his____ name.

A. English       B. first            C. last

 (    )  9. Is this your key?             ____              

A. Yes, its.      B. No, it isnt.      C. No, it is.

(     ) 10. That _____ my mother.          These____ my brothers.

A. is, are        B. am, are         C. are, is

(     )  11. Is the cat ( è )____the sofa?         No, it isnt. Its ____ the table.

        A. on, to       B. to, in            C. on, under

(    ) 12. This is my new friend.         He's____ China.   

               Ain              Bof            Cfrom         

(    ) 13. Whats this____ English?   Its a pen.

                    Ain            Bon               Cof         

(    ) 14. _____ are my good friends. 

                AYou  and  he          BHe  and  you      CYou  and  him      

(    ) 15. I can play basketball, but my sister_____.       . 

              Adon't           Bcan't         Cdoesn't         


Lisa:  Hello, Tony.

Tony:  Hi, Lisa.  16  this?

Lisa:     17   a bag, a green bag.

Tony: Whats in the bag?

Lisa:   There   18    a  new  pair  of  gloves (һ˫).

Tony:  What   19    are they?

Lisa:   Look, they are blue.

Tony:  They are   20     .  I like them.

Lisa:       21    .

Tony:  Whose(˭)  gloves  are they?  Are they   22     gloves?

Lisa:   No.  They are too     23   . They  are  for()   my  mother.

Tony:  Are they     24    ?

Lisa:   Yes, theyre new. I  buy()  them  for  my  mother.  Her gloves are old.

Tony:  You are your mothers good   25    .

(     )  16AHow  is     BWhat's    CWhere  is    DWhat

(     )  17AThis  are BThey  are CIt's                DThat  is

(     )  18Ais                  Bhave               Chas                  Dare

(     )  19Acoat        Bshoes           Ccolor      Dnumber

(     )  20Asmall           Bnew      Cyellow      Dnice

(     )  21ABut I don't  BMe, too     CThank you   DSorry

(     )  22Amy         Byour               Cyou                 Dold

(     )  23Asmall      Bnew             Cgood            Dbig

(     )  24Abig         Bsmall           Cnew            Dblack

(     )  25Asister             Bbrother     Cson                 Ddaughter

III Ķ⡣20֣


Hello.  I am Chinese.  My name is Wang Fei.  I am thirteen.  I am in No.5 Middle School in Nanjing.  This is my friend.  His name is Tony Green.  He is an English boy.  He is twelve.  He  and  I  are  in  the  same(ͬ) class.  Our classroom  is   next  to()  the  teachers'   office.  We have Chinese and English lessons every day.  Our English teacher is Mr.  Read.  He is English but he can speak Chinese, too. Our Chinese teacher is Mr.  Ding.  They are good teachers, and they are our friends, too.

(    ) 26 Tony  Green _____ .

        Ahas a Chinese friend  in  England    Bis in an English school now

     Cis Wang Fei's English teacher   Dhas a Chinese friend in China now

(    ) 27Wang  Fei_____ .

      Ais  a  student  of  No. 5  school    Bis  in  an English  school

      Cis  twelve               Dand  Tony  Green  are  in the same  class

(    ) 28Mr.  Read  is _____ . 

       AWang  Fei's  English  teacher      BTony's  Chinese  teacher

       Ca  teacher of English school in Nanjing    Din Wang  Fei's  class

(    )  29Mr.  Ding_____ . 

     Acan speak  English,  too.   Bis  a  teacher  of  Chinese

       Cand  Wang  Fei  have  Chinese  classes  every  day.       Dis  our  English  teacher

(    )  30Tony  Green  is  from_____ . 

       AChina       BAmerica         CEngland         DAustralia


My name is Han Mei. Im in Class Three, GradeOne. Look at this. Its a photo. They are my friendsLiu Ying and Diana. Liu Ying is a Chineseйģ girl. Her English name is Eve. This is her pen. Its black. And her pencil is red. Diana is English. This is her eraser. Its white. Her pencil is blue. I like my friends.

  (     )31. Liu Ying and Diana __________.

  A. is Han Meis friends.            B. are Han Meis friend

         C. are Han Meis friends

  (     ) 32. Diana is ________.

        A. a Chinese girl                B. an English girl         C. an English boy

  (     ) 33. Liu Yings pen is ________.

        A. black                            B. red                          C. blue

  (     ) 34. What color is Dianas pen?

        A. Its white.                     B. Its red.                   C. We dont know.

  (     ) 35. Liu Yings English name is ______.

  A. Diana                                  B. Eve                         C. Han Mei


36. There is a tree here. The c___ of the tree green.

37. ----Do you know about Cui Jian? ----Certainly. He is a Chinese                f_____singer.

38. You are too s____ out. Why not try some light music?

39. Tree---planting Day is on the t______ of March every year.

40. Most young people like action movies because they are e______.


in  on  soccer  whats  where  grandmother  parents  her  she  parent  spell  doesnt  is


41. I cant find my ruler. _____ it?

         42.____ name is Mary, _____ is my sister.

         43. This is my ______, my mothers mother.

         44. Is this your computer game ____ the lost and found case?

         45. These are my father and my mother, they are my______.

         46. ______ your telephone number?


         47. Can you ____ your name please?

             Yes, M-E-I-M-E-I.

         48. I dont have a basketball, but I have a ____ ball.

             Does she have a ping-pong ball?

      No, she ___


Hello! Im Mike. English, am, boy, an, I. Now my parents are in China .I like China and Chinese food. Usually , I have an egg and porridge () for breakfast . I dont like hamburgers. And I eat rice (׷)chicken and vegetables for lunch . I like noodlesand fruit for dinner . 

49ƶϳлߴNow˼𣿣   2֣

A.ȥ               B.                 C.




1. ϲˮ

2. In the morning , he has porridge and fruit .


3. Ǹк˭




5. Ǧ˭ģ


6. ʲôɫǻɫ




Mike doesnt like ____ .

   A. eggs        B.chicken       C. hamburgers

He has ____for lunch .

   A. rice, chicken and vegetables   B.noodles and fruit

C.chicken, porridge and fruit 








1C 2C 3B 4B 5A 6A 7C 8C 9B 10A 11C 12C 13A 14A 15B 16B 17C 18A 19C 20D 21B 22B 23D 24C 25D 26D 27D 28A 29B 30C 31C 32B 33A 34C 35B


36colour37famous38stressed39twelfth40exciting41 Wheres42Her she43 grandmother44 in45 parents46 Whats47 spell48 soccer  doesnt49 B  50I am an English boy .51 Do they like noodles ? ϣ࣬ˮ52 C A



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